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It goes without saying that the most important groundworks that take place on any construction site are the setting out of the building’s foundations. Getting the foundations spot on is not only essential to keep the building standing strong, but also – as in anything with construction – a mistake is costly because it wastes time and effort and will have to be rectified. That’s why when you are looking for a contractor to position, dig and pour the foundations for any build before the frame suppliers or brick and block contractors arrive on site to raise the structure, you need to know you’ve got an experienced, accurate, responsible and reliable team. Here at Henry Timmis we are tried and trusted to be first on site at hundreds of construction projects across North West Wiltshire, within a wide radius of the town of Devizes SN10 where we are based. We’re renowned for our neat, precise foundation excavations and pourings exactly to specification, which are the delight of local building control officers in and around places like Calne SN11, Derry Hill SN11, Marlborough SN8, Market Lavington SN10, Melksham SN12 and Pewsey SN9.

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Foundations Laid with Military Precision

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Local builders in Wiltshire, as well as self-builders and DIYers putting up their own outbuildings or home extensions, rely on us to provide the right foundations and footings to support the structure, suitable for the prevailing ground conditions.

We carry out the digging and concreting of foundations with our usual military precision under the very capable guidance of ex-army Royal Engineer Henry Timmis, who has been using his groundworking skills in civvy street since 2012.

Being so important foundations – which need to transmit the load of the building above safely to the ground – are usually designed with the advice of a structural engineer and are subject to numerous Building Regulations.

Our groundworks crew are knowledgeable and experienced about all the factors that need to be considered when installing foundations. We’re cognisant, for example, of the load bearing capabilities of different types of soils which affects foundation depth, the effect of nearby trees or shrubs, and the importance of not undermining the foundation of adjacent buildings.

Our foundation work is consistently approved by building control inspectors with whom we have a good working relationship, at each stage of the process.

Machinery & Manpower for Foundations

The first step in preparing foundations is to use wooden pegs and string to mark out the position of the foundations, before digging down to the required depth. Excavating requires the use of a mechanical excavator (if access allows) which speeds up the process.

Once all the material has been dug out and removed levelling and compacting is necessary before the concrete foundation is poured on to a sub base and damp-proof membrane.

Henry Timmis has its own stable of plant machinery available to carry out all the work required on any building site – from wheelbarrows to mechanical diggers and compacters – and the manpower to lay and level concrete foundations expertly.

In fact, we can handle every aspect involved in site preparation and groundworks before building work gets underway – you can rely on us for demolition, site clearance, earthmoving, drainage installation, utility trenching and backfilling, as well as foundations footings.

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